About Us

A weekly subscription

for quiet landscaping services

starting with quiet mowing & blowing

for three or more neighbors.

Our approach is to make taking care of your lawn quiet, stress-free, and eco-friendly.

Our goal

Our goal is to eliminate the noise made by gas-powered landscaping equipment.

While we are at it, we plan to eliminate other negative environmental and health impacts.

In the long term, Muted Mower will become a logistics tech company empowering independent contractors and small landscaping companies to maximize their work while helping the environment.

Our vision

Our vision is to have an operator commute in public transportation,

bike or walk to a small trailer, packed with electric equipment, at a parking space of a local business, place of worship, or school.

Like the model currently used by HOAs, the operator would complete the entire area in one day. Basic algorithms would pair operators with nearest neighborhoods, and reward for reduction in their carbon footprint. To start, they could earn points by taking the most eco-friendly method of transportation to the job site.

Personal story

It wasn't until I was an adult, when I moved into a house next to a creek, that I began to appreciate nature on a daily basis. For the first time in my life, I began noticing cardinals and bluejays. Then, I started noticing other birds, and became a fan of local eagles, owls, and also chickadees. I enrolled in a beekeeping class and started a gardening club in my neighborhood just to learn more about my outdoors. In hindsight, I have always loved nature (such as hiking & canoeing), but it was what you did when "you went to the Shenandoah mountains" or to "ocean city", or when you went to rock creek park. It wasn't part of my daily life.

Simultaneously, I began to hear the loud noise from nearby lawn mowers and blowers, including my own. Enter my brainstorming of Muted Mower.

In an effort to reach the root of the problem, I vowed to keep asking myself "Why". I observed the inefficiencies of time, money, and gas-consumption in mowing and blowing services (and general lawn care). In the very beginning of the landscaping lifecycle, households request quotes from a couple of people or companies for different services of lawn care throughout the year, including lawn mowing, leaf blowing, mulching, etc. On the positive note, some established companies are using technology that can measure your square footage using google maps. For the most part, landscapers are still using the old fashioned method: driving your large truck just to give a quote. Then, once you decide who to hire, they arrive with giant motorcades to do a very simple job. At this point, the motors of these machines haven't yet been started.

The future of landscaping

The Traditional Model

The existing model produces high levels of pollution throughout the entire process. At the beginning, many heavy duty vehicles frequently consume gas moving around town just to provide a quote.

In the early morning on the first day on the job, crews stop at gas-stations to refuel their motorcades, mowers, blowers, and fuel cans. The journey across town begins.

After stretching and hopefully turning off their trucks' 12v engines, ancient 2-stroke engines are ignited to complete what is the simplest of tasks: cutting grass. The mowers and blowers take over your lawns and neighborhoods. Once finished, they pack and drive the motorcade to the next destination. Repeat. Often, several trucks of several companies are seen next to each other.

The Muted Mower Model

The new model proposes the equipment never leaving the neighborhood they serve. In the mean time, we are using trailers with hitches. It's our goal, perhaps, to eliminate the need for gas-powered trucks. A station would be set up at a local business, pool, place of worship, school, or home where it can be stored and charged overnight. The station would include an electric mower, an electric blower, and other tools on a bike trailer.

In the morning, one or two individuals would access the station by walking, riding a bike, or by taking public transportation. Points, exchanged for money, would reward those with the smallest carbon footprint.

We are looking for neighborhoods who are interested in adopting this model.

Well-trained people

Hand selected

Our founding members include landscapers with 10+ years experience working the ground.

We hand-select people and navigate them through sound environmental and business principles. After going through training, we pair them with neighborhoods that are closest to their address to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Our goal is to eliminate the hassle of searching online, reading reviews, and interviewing people. Constant reviews will help assure a high level of quality and satisfaction.